Martin Sati

Martin Satí is a graphic artist, digital illustrator, painter, designer and graphic sculptor based in Seville, Spain.
He opened his studio in 2006, focusing on art direction and illustration.


Martin Sati studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville, where he learned traditional painting and drawing techniques. He completed his formal education at the University of Winchester, UK, where he specialized in contemporary design. His education helps explain his style, which tends to combine classical and innovative approaches to design.

The work of Martin Sati is about exploring and constructing shapes, and searching for the internal movement of things, using digital tools.


Martin Sati is a modern graphic artisan. His craft brings decorative arts and popular culture to a present-day context, using the newest graphic design tools. His emotional language comes from a process of continuous experimentation to personalize and bring new life, color and movement to everything that surrounds us.


Martin has created over the years, not a style or a work discipline, but a substance or material that he uses as a basis for modeling. This material designed on his computer has been called “Silicone Pie.”

His idea is to build and design molds from this material to obtain an unexpected result.

Satí shares that his practice, while digital, similarly molds material features as a sculptor would. Despite using digital tools, Martin says that his “material is like semi-liquid and is difficult to model but at the same time is very rich in movement and liveliness… I work with this material, which I usually call ‘Silicone Pie,’ as an artisan works with ceramics. I am modeling the colors with lines of movement until I achieve an optimal level of detail.”

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