This is a collection of 6 sculptural pieces that pay tribute to the martyr bull of Spanish bullfighting.
Each piece takes the name of a famous bull. The usual thing is that a bull becomes famous for his status as a brave bull and very famous if he has fatally wounded a bullfighter.
The 6 pieces are inspired by the soul of these animals condemned to live to be used as entertainment for man. His fight, his blood, his death is what shapes these pieces.

Name of the parts:
Islero – fatally wounded Manolete
Granada – fatally wounded Ignacio Sánchez Mejias
Fandanguero – mortally wounded Gitanillo de Triana
Make fun of him – mortally wounded Yiyo
Nibs – mortally wounded Paquirri
Rumbón – mortally wounded Paquiro

Die-cut pieces printed directly on 3mm aluminum and mounted on a base.

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