This project is a fun exercise in illustrating great artists in history with exotic birds. A meeting of artists with their diverse personalities expressed through their colors, their plumage and their pose.


Paradisaea apoda – Salvador Dalí
Alcedo atthis – Vincent Van Gogh
Phasianus colchicus – Francis Bacon
Cicinnurus regius –  Frida Kahlo
Pelargopsis capensis – Pablo Picasso
Cyanocitta cristata – René Magritte
Upupa epops – Andy Warhol
Eudocimus ruber – Miguel Ángel Bunoarroti
Halcyon smyrnensis – Marc Chagall
Pyrrhura molinae – Mark Rothko
Carpodacus roseus – Henri Matisse
Pycnonotidae – Lucian Freud
Cyanistes cyanus – Claude Monet
Phalacrocorax pelagicus – Jackson Pollock
Merops apiaster – Tamara de Lempicka
Lamprotornis hildebrandti – Paul Cézanne
Pitangus sulphuratus – Vasili Kandinski
Cyanocitta stelleri – Yves Klein
Chiroptera – Marcel Duchamp

Illustration printed on 100×100 cm paper

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